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  • Does Laser hair removal hurt?
    As with everything it depends on the individual and their sensitivity, however we use the most advanced technology on the market to date and most clients dont feel a thing!
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Most clients need 6-10 treatments for optimum results.However the amount of treatments you need will be determined in your consultation. It will depend on many factors including hair type,skin colour, skin type etc.
  • Can you treat all skin types?
    Yes all skin types can be treated. We use the most advanced technology laser which allows us to treat any skin type safely and effectively!
  • How often do you need to get the treatment done?
    Initially we recommend 4-8 weeks depending on your hair growth. This time will increase as your hair growth reduces. Its important to catch the hairs in the correct stage of growth for the treatment to be most effective and work as quickly as possible. Your therapist will recommend the best timeline for you!
  • Do I need a patch test?
    Yes! We Give all clients a complimentary patch test to determine suitability for the treatment, fully explain what’s entailed and also to answer any questions you may have.
  • How do I prepare for the treatment?
    Pre care advice is simple! Shaving should be your only method of hair removal once you sign up for your treatment. Waxing will counteract the effect of laser hair removal so its a big NO NO. Shave the area 8-12 hours before your treatment. No stubble to be present. No active products such as AHA’s, BHA’s and retinol for 48 hours before treatment. Wear loose clothes coming to your appointment.
  • Aftercare advice for laser hair removal .
    Aftercare advice for laser hair removal 48 hours post treatment: No baths/showers/sauna/jacuzzi/heat treatments for 48 hours post treatment. No excessive sweating/work-outs/gyms. No deodorants/perfumes scented lotion. No Swimming in chlorinated water. No tight clothing on areas straight after treatment. (eg jeans, tights) No false tan 7 days post treatment No active products such as AHA’s, BHA’s and retinol for 48 hours after treatment. Gentle exfoliation 2/3 times a week starting 7-10 days post treatment to prevent ingrowns Moisturise Daily 7 days post treatment
  • How much does laser hair removal cost?
    In the long run laser hair removal will save you so much money on razors, waxing, hair removal creams etc. It may seem a little pricey upfront but when you break it down over the course of your treatment its a lot more affordable than you think! Check out our price list for costings of each area and be prepared to ditch the razor forever!
  • Is it ok if I am taking medication.
    We will have a very thorough consultation with you to ensure the treatment is suitable for you!
  • What machine do you use
    We use a state of the art Epildream medical grade diode technology laser hair removal machine. Our machine has an additional cooling device built into the treatment head to ensure the most comfortable treatment for the client.
  • Am I suitable for the procedure
    Our team are trained to the highest standard and will be able to asses your suitability for the treatment during your complimentary consultation. Give us a call today and we can get you booked in.
  • I have had laser done elsewhere before. Can I continue treatment with you?
    Of Course! We will book you in for a complimentary patch test and consultation and advice the best treatment for you.
  • Are there any side effects?
    As with any treatment there can always be side effects, however laser is considered a very low risk treatment. Your therapist will explain all of the possible side effects to you during your consultation and carry out a patch test to determine the likelihood of any reactions occurring. Some itching and redness in the 48 hours post-treatment can be expected, but ask your therapist what is normal and what is not.
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