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Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair permanently. The laser light destroys the follicle during the hairs growth phase. It only effects the hair, leaving surrounding skin undamaged. Here at Meraki Beauty and Laser Clinic our highly skilled team only use the most advanced medical grade laser to ensure the quickest safety results for our clients. All clients receive a complimentary consultation and patch test prior to treatment where every detail is explained to help make the best decision for you!


Why Choose laser?

  • Its Clinically proven to work!

  • Say goodbye to razor rash, cuts, irritation and stubble.

  • More cost affective and hassle free.

  • Never worry about shaving your legs again!

  • You'll See a reduction in growth after your first session.

Why Choose Us?

  • We use the most advanced technology on the market to date.

  • Our ability to treat tanned skin and self tanned skin.

  • Our technology is as gentle as it gets! 

  • Affordable prices

  • Payment plans available

  • Our highly trained team

What to expect during the course of treatments.


Session 1 

After your first treatment the hairs will fall out after 7-10 days.


Session 2 

After your second session your hair is much slower to regrow.


Session 3 

After your third session hairs will grow back thinner and lighter.


Session 4

After your 4th session you may only need to shave once a month.


Session 5 

After your fifth session you can expect your skin to feel smoother and follicle size to be reduced.


Session 6

After your sixth session ingrown will have dramatically reduced.


Session 7

After your seventh session the gap between treatments will have increased dramatically 


Session 8 

After your eighth session you will move to maintenance treatments as recommended by your therapist. Usually once to twice a year.

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