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Beat The "Maskne"

Maskne, Mask Acne call it what you wish but this is the real deal! Most of us are experiencing breakout from wearing masks or face coverings. As They are now mandatory on public transport, supermarkets etc we are now wearing them for longer periods of time and breathing into the mask creates humidity which accelerates the process which causes acne.

I've Comprised a list of things to do to help prevent breakout and maintain healthy skin!

First things first lets talk about the type of mask your wearing. While they are now considered a little fashion statement it is so important to remember that reusable masks need to be changed Periodically throughout the day. They need to be washed in a 60 degree wash to remove all dirt, oil, dust, bacteria etc. If your mask is left on without changing it for a prolonged period the acne bacteria will thrive in the dark, damp, moist condition causing spots and blemishes. Your pores will also open allowing the oil, makeup to become occluded accelerating blackheads, spots, blemishes, redness, rosacea and so on.

There are things we can do in our everyday skin care regime to help build up our skins protective barrier and maintain healthy glowing skin. Choosing the right products is essential for your skin!


Double cleanse morning and evening to ensure all dirt, oil , makeup and harmful bacteria are removed. But Wait! Choosing the right cleanser for your skin is vital! Over cleansing can result in stripping the natural healthy bacteria which causes to skin to become over sensitised, this can actually cause More breakout and inflammation.

I recommend Dibi Milano Nourishing Cleansing Milk. A gentle everyday cleansing milk which has a probiotic inside to help repair the heart of the cell and build up the skins protective barrier. wether your someone who has dry skin or your someone who has naturally oily skin this is perfect for you all. Its also go lots of healing properties too which is great to speed up the healing of unwanted blemishes. Its also gentle enough for the most sensitive skin!

If your Sweating in the gym etc then I recommend adding a Micellular water and giving a quick cleanse on some cotton pads after the gym to remove unwanted sweat, sebum and bacteria.


Be carful at this time not to over exfoliate! I recommend DibiMilano Enzymatic peel During this time as so gentle on the skin and won't cause any irritation. Avoid over scrubbing with mechanical scrubs as this can cause sensitivity and irritation. An extraordinary peeling effect thanks to the combination of various exfoliant acids, that smoothen and renew the skin. For skin that appears more luminous, smooth, polished, more receptive. Apply a thin layer once. week and leave to work for 5 minutes before rinsing.


Keeping the skin moisturised is key for healing and comfort. A gentle everyday moisturiser is essential. I recommend DibiMilano Extreme Hydration. Packed with hyaluronic Acid which allows our cells to hold 1000x more water. If your over 25 you need to add a serum into your daily regime now to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and for a deeper hydration. Serums penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin feeding to cells with more moisture than any moisturiser can provide. Dibi Milano Beauty essence fluid or Extreme hyaluronic concentrate are 2 of my favourites and perfect for all skin types!

Topical Solution

If you suffer from blemishes and breakout I recommend DibiMilano Blemish Eliminator. It purifies the skin and visibly reduces blemishes. its a localised treatment to use on your spots to speed up healing. Its an absolute must have! just €32 and a little goes a very long way!

I Hope you found some answers to your skin concerns in our post. Please feel free to pop into us for a free skin consult. We will always recommend what's best for your skin and tailor a treatment or home regime to your needs.



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