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Curls Without The Crunch!

All you curly haired girls know all about the crunch! Well its time to move forward and invest in the right products to help give you soft, bouncy hair without the crunch.

We all know that there is no one stop regime for curly hair. Wether you have cork screw curls or bouncy waves Eleven Australia has created a curl range with all you guys and gals in mind! Its the ultimate one stop range for curly hair! Its all about keeping your hair healthy, Hydrated, soft, Smooth and frizz free at all times!

The first step should always be your shampoo! SMOOTH ME NOW ANTI FRIZZ SHAMPOO is the ultimate frizz fighter! Followed by SMOOTH ME NOW ANTI FRIZZ CONDITIONER (which can be doubled up as a leave in the help fight split ends) will put an end to frizzy hair without weighing down the hair. I also recommend having 3 minute miracle on hand for added hydration once a week! a 3 minute repair mask that gives noticeable results after one use!

Next up on my list is KEEP MY CURL DEFINING CREAM which is going to enhance your curls without the crunch!

you can follow this by using FRIZZ CONTROL SHAPING CREAM as is smooths the most stubborn frizz while it provides hold and defines your natural curl.

for a little magic boost in texture and to help keep the hair soft I recommend SMOOTH ME NOW SERUM or MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products pop us a message or call in to discuss what would suit your hair best!

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